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Magic tricks for children

Magic tricks for children Sets for focusfocus have always attracted the attention of both children and adults. For kids, magicians are real wizards who bring an unusual holiday to life. Almost every child who visits a circus immediately wants to become an illusionist. Every kid wants the audience to watch with bated breath as he takes rabbits out of an empty hat or hides coins behind the back of a sitting boy in the third row. But dreams can be shattered when a child comes home and uses a pencil ,which is now declared a magic wand, to try to work miracles. Now is the time to explain to the novice illusionist that most tricks are tricks calculated to the smallest detail, honed movements and quick reaction. Try to learn the basics of this interesting profession together with your child. After all, it will not only be a fun pastime and a source of pride in front of friends, but also a great finger gymnastics and developing game.

Each trick must be carefully rehearsed and therefore the baby will have to be patient, which will certainly teach him perseverance and accuracy. After all, the viewer should not notice any inaccuracies or flaws in the magician’s work.

Also, performing tricks and tricks will help your child prepare for public performances. He will have to learn to go out to the public with a smile, a confident step and with faith in his magical powers. This will not be difficult, because at the very first performances, a benevolent audience will be waiting for him: mom, dad, grandparents.

Of course, a novice magician will want to immediately test their skills on the audience and show as many tricks as possible. Try to explain to the child that one or two tricks, learned and worked out to the smallest detail, will look much more effective than a dozen, made somehow. Try first to learn simple tricks with your child, then the baby will be inspired and he will not be averse to these activities. In addition, it will help to form in the child a sense of purpose and the desire to overcome difficulties.

Magic tricks with Amoyak Hakobyan Set for tricks will be understood, a real professional illusionist can not do without magic props. Now in stores you can buy a magician’s costume and special sets with the magician’s props. However, if your mother or grandmother has the time and desire, you can build a costume yourself, and collect props from the materials at hand. You will be surprised, but ordinary coins, buttons and strings can serve as a wonderful magical props.

The best age to start zanyatiy – 5-6 years. Where to start, descriptions of tricks and various stories about magicians can be read in special books, as well as watch video courses dedicated to magic. You can also read biographies of famous magicians such as Amayak Hakobyan, David Copperfield, Houdini and others. In addition, as mentioned above, to facilitate the task, you can buy a ready-made set of props with a description of tricks.

When the trick is learned and the wizard is ready to go on stage, hold a rehearsal in front of the mirror. This way the child will notice and be able to correct all their shortcomings that were not visible before. Do not forget to warn your child that you should not tell all the secrets of magic, otherwise the magic spell may be broken.

Below we will give examples of very simple, but no less spectacular tricks that amaze the audience.

This trick can be a great start to the show:

The magician goes out to the audience and asks what detail is missing from his outfit. “Butterflies!”- the audience shouts. The young magician replies: “Oh, how could I forget about it, now we will fix it!”, waves a magic wand and the butterfly takes its rightful place. Magic? Not at all, just careful preparation. We attach a bow tie with an elastic band to the top button of the shirt, and then clamp this indispensable part of the wardrobe of any elegant magician under the armpit, wave the hand holding it, and the elastic band, of course, will attract the butterfly to the collar.

Do you think that only psychics with a lot of experience can read minds? No, this is subject to novice magicians. For example,:

The magician takes a book from the shelf, as if at random, and asks someone from the audience to name any page number. Then he leaves the room, while his assistant reads the top line on this page to everyone. After a minute, the illusionist comes back and asks any viewer to think about the line they just heard. After that, he utters a phrase that the assistant read, but he could not hear, since he was simply not in the room. Mysticism? No, a well-designed prop. The fact is that the little magician has two of these supposedly random books. One is read by an assistant for the audience, and in the second copy, the baby meanwhile searches for the desired page and remembers the first sentence on it. This trick can also serve as a great motivation for reading.

Amayak Hakobyan’s magic trick kit you’ve probably seen this trick at most circus shows:

The magician takes a vase or bottle, puts a rope in it, and then pulls it out freely. But then, with a magic wave of the wand, the rope and the vase were connected by some magical force. The vase swings calmly on the rope, and then, after another magic formula, it easily slips out of the vessel again. Of course, there is a secret here too. The rope should be taken not any, but thick and hard, and the diameter of the vase should be selected so that it is about twice as wide as the diameter of the rope. It is necessary that the vase is opaque, otherwise the audience may notice a small assistant magician – they will be a small rubber ball, with a diameter slightly larger than the rope. Before you start the magic combination of the rope and the vase, you need to lower the rope to the very bottom, and then slowly, slowly turn the vase upside down, and then let go, the ball will hold the rope securely in the vase. And when it is necessary to dispel the spell, just push the ball deep into the vessel, back to the bottom.

There are a lot of magic tricks described, and You and your baby just need to choose and learn the ones you like. And go ahead, conquer the audience!

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