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How to easily teach a child tricks! An incredible automatic trick!

Many parents want to teach their child tricks for General development. Very good goal! Today I will help you implement it!

Today’s focus is fully automatic and will always work itself out. There is absolutely no technique in it! That is why it can easily be repeated by both a beginner and a child!

By the way, this trick can easily be repeated with a deck of 36 cards. Even with “Atlas” maps. It will be very interesting to dilute your party with your friends in some gambling game with a card trick!

So, before starting the trick, we mix the deck very carefully, we can give it to the viewer to mix it, in order to increase the effect several times!

Now we tell him that the magic effect will be that the viewer will easily find our favorite card in the deck.

Scroll through the deck with the tape in your hands, find this card, name it and put it back in the center. Now the viewer needs to find it!

How can he do this? Very simple!

We ask him to name absolutely any number from one to twenty-six! Let’s say the viewer named the number seventeen.

This means that we need to flip sixteen cards, and our card will be next!

We flip this number of cards, turn the seventeenth card and it’s… not it!

Hmm … Strange..

Well, the most likely mistake is that it is not in the upper half of the deck, but in the lower!

We ask the viewer to name any number from twenty-six to fifty-four. Let’s say he calls the number thirty!

We count out twenty-nine cards, turn the thirtieth card and it’s… again not her!

It’s probably math! This means that we need to subtract the smaller number from the larger number and then we will get the number under which the map is located!

So we have the number thirteen! We count out twelve cards and the next card is already ours!

Demonstration and training

But don’t leave us in a hurry!
As I said, this trick doesn’t have any techniques at all, meaning you don’t need to watch the display angles to avoid getting burned. You will not need to redirect both the viewer’s attention and your own while performing any technique!

Showing only such tricks for a while, your level of communication with the audience will grow very much! And this factor is almost the most important when evaluating you as a performer.

After all, the audience will be much more pleasant to communicate with a person who will not constantly look at the deck and awkwardly fall silent. They will prefer to communicate with a cheerful and sociable person, whose entire attention is focused on communicating with them!

That is why I advise you to have in your Arsenal a couple more of these tricks. Now I will briefly describe to you another such trick!

It is called “Photographic memory”.

Its meaning can be described very briefly:

we take the most ordinary deck of cards
carefully mix it
pull out one card, turn it face down
once we look through the entire deck
accurately identify the card that was pulled
I think that you have already realized that this trick is just unrealistically powerful! But it will be able to repeat exactly the same as the last trick, both a child and a novice!

After all, it also has absolutely no techniques! This trick is a direct proof that you can achieve the most powerful and visual effect without various complex techniques, which can take years to train!

Demonstration and training

I hope you understand all the advantages of having your child do magic tricks.

He will become more sociable, and his communication skills with other people will grow. And this is a very useful quality, especially at an older age.

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