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TOP 4 incredible tricks that children can show!

In today’s article, you will learn what are the tricks that children can show. Despite the simplicity, these tricks are very amazing!

Do not pay attention to the fact that these tricks are sharpened for children’s performance. It will be very nice if some already more or less skilled trickster shows them. After all, the effect they produce is indelible!

Focus number One!
Before the trick, of course, we mix the deck as many times as we want. Next, we ask the viewer to pick up the deck in any place they wish.

Now we say that the lower bundle will give us all the necessary information about the upper bundle. What does it mean? Look!

We look at the first three cards of the lower pack and say that the third card on top of the upper pack is the ACE of Spades. Click your finger, count three cards and… the third card is really the ACE of Spades!

This is how we can fool our audience as much as we want!

Trick number Two!
Shuffle the deck by any means. We can let the audience shuffle it. Now we suggest that he move any number of cards.

Let’s say that he does this, and then we show him the map that he has chosen in this way.

Now we shuffle the deck in absolutely any way that we can think of. We can even let the audience draw a deck! This greatly increases the effect!

Now we lay out the deck with a ribbon on the table and explain to the viewer his impossible task! He will only need to think about his map! He will not have to put any thoughts in his head at all, except for his map!

This is very important!

After a couple of seconds of reading the thoughts of our dear victim, we simply take and … show the viewer to the map!

How could this happen? After all, the viewer himself shuffled the deck, and we could not see his card! The answer to such things is simple and single — Magic:)

Trick number Three!
Before this trick, just as before the previous ones, we shuffle our deck well.

Now the viewer will have to make four magic choices!

We’ll be flipping through the deck, and he’ll have to stop us. Let’s say that he stops us in any place, we turn these cards face up and say that his card is the one that will lie first face up.

This card is put on the table, and the other cards are put back in the deck.

We do exactly the same procedure three more times. As a result, we will have four random cards on the table, and, accordingly, a deck.

Start turning over the cards:

the first card is the King of Spades. Hmm, not bad
the second is the Queen of spades! Very well
third-Jack of Spades! Just an incredible coincidence!
fourth-peak Ten! It can’t be, it’s almost a legendary combination of Royal Flush!
But we need the ACE of Spades to complete an epic combination! Where can I get it? Look and be surprised! We spread the deck with a ribbon, and all the cards are face up, except for the ACE of Spades!

Just an incredible trick! A must-have in your Arsenal!

Focus number Four!
I like this trick immensely. It is perfect as an “opener” for your routine.

Carefully mix the deck several times and then explain the task to the viewer.

He will need to divide the deck on the table into four random piles. That’s it! The rest is up to magic!

We turn all these piles face up and show that the cards that he chose are absolutely ordinary and unremarkable.

Let’s slip these cards from each stack into our hands.

After that, we turn them upside down, click your finger and… They turn into four Aces!

Just an incredible trick! Very similar to the “Assistant” trick from ed Marlo! By the way, I also advise everyone to learn it!

Now, I hope that professionals are convinced that the tricks that children can show are also very effective and cool!

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