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Effective and easy focus for kids videos and learning!

Once again, I welcome you, my dear subscribers!

We are in touch with you again Sergey Kulikov, he is a Sailor!

Very often, many people search the web for something like “easy focus for children video training” and the like. In this article, you will finally find what you were looking for!

After all, today I will tell you about a trick that is based on an easy method, but it is very effective and amazing!

Before the focus, of course, we mix the deck in all the ways we know. We can even let the audience draw it. When the viewer feels involved in creating magic, the effect of the focus is magnified many times. Even at the expense of such a small thing as a simple shuffle of cards!

So, now we offer him to choose three cards. We will flip through the deck in our hands, and the viewer will point to the cards that they like.

In our case this is:

Six Of Hearts
Six Of Diamonds
Five Of Diamonds
And, of course, he needs not only to choose the cards, but also to remember them. And, preferably, tell the audience about it, and that is, they have a habit of forgetting the selected cards:)

Let’s put them on the table for now, next to each other.

Now let’s make a little preparation. We will flip a certain number of cards from the deck and put them in front of the first card, and do the same with the other cards.

After all this, we explain to the audience that they must again take part in the creation of our magic!

He will have to take the first card and put it on top of the corresponding stack. Then cover with any number of cards from the next stack. The same should be done with the second card. And cover the third stack with the rest of the deck!

And now we are going to search for his maps in a very strange way. We will merge the cards on the table, but in a very unusual way: we deal the first card face up, and the second card next to it, but with the face up.

Be patient! Magic takes time!
Now we have two stacks. In one hand, the cards are face up, and in the other, the cards are face up.

Remove the stack where the cards are face up. Now we do exactly the same with the remaining stack, which was lying face up.

As we can see, so far the viewer’s cards do not want to be located in any way. Well, nothing, the main thing is to move purposefully towards the goal, and in the end we will find them!

Again, we do the same with the remaining cards. And again failure!

We do this for the last time, because the cards are almost out. As we can see, among those cards that are facing up, our cards are not observed.

But we still have three cards that are face down. Turn them over and this is the viewer’s card! Two Sixes and a Five!

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