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A simple and effective trick “test of observation”. Tricks secrets of skill and training!

I noticed that a lot of people often search the Internet for something like “tricks secrets of skill training” and similar. In this article, I will describe something that will help you get on the true path of the master of card manipulation!

Today’s trick is pretty simple. All you need to do is learn one of the most basic “Shift” movements.

Learning ” Shift»

The technique itself is very simple. Many people who are not even interested in magic tricks know about it and know how to do it.

Therefore, if you are a beginner who still knows the minimum number of techniques, then I advise you to take this trick to your Arsenal. And this movement is especially hard to train, because it is fundamental and is used very often!

So, let’s move on to the trick!

Before the focus, of course, we mix our deck in various ways.

To enhance the effect, you can give the deck to shuffle the viewer. They love it very much!

Now we offer the viewer to choose absolutely any card from the deck and remember it. After that, we remove his card approximately in the middle of the deck, and then mix the deck again!

Now we need some maps to help us. We are talking of course about four Deuces! These are the maps that help us most often find the viewer’s map. How? Soon you will see and be very surprised!

We put our twos together and turn them upside down. Now we say that the viewer only needs to remember the sequence of suits.

We begin to merge the deuces from our stack in the following order:

Put it all together and start to merge again.

It is logical that the order will now go in the opposite direction. We ask the viewer to name the suits.

First he will name the Hearts, we will merge the deuce of Hearts. Next come the Bubi, after that we merge the Two of Diamonds. Then the Peaks, and, accordingly, we merge the Peak Two.

Now we only have one card left. It is logical to assume that this is a cross Two. The audience will do just that.

But we turn this card over and it turns out to be … the Viewer’s Card!!!

Demonstration and training

But this is not the end!
As I have already said, this trick is simple and based on the most elementary movement ” Shift. In the original, it is called “Glide”. This technique must be in the Arsenal of absolutely every performer of tricks.

You can use it to control the viewer’s map, make “shifts”, “substitutions”, and so on. In General, there are a huge number of ways to implement this technique.

And if you are no longer a novice, then I advise you to hone this movement not just to automatic execution, but to such an extent that there would be no difference between it and an honest merging of the card from the bottom of the deck.

It should be as natural as possible, otherwise, you risk very easily “sinking” in front of attentive or picky viewers.

By the way, this trick just perfectly fits into a routine in which the” opener ” is used as a trick where the performer or viewer (which is even better) finds four cards with the same value.

After all, our trick uses four cards with equal values. Instead of searching for these cards in the deck, why not find them before using a magic effect?

There are no disadvantages to this!

So I advise you to learn one more such trick, it is called “Assistant” from my favorite Edward Marlowe!

The essence of this trick is that the viewer first chooses one random card, which he himself does not yet know.

Next, we pick up the deck and put the viewer’s card on the first pile. We pick up the deck a couple more times, and mix the last stack and put it on the table in the same way.

After clicking, we show that the top cards of each stack with the same value!

Just a great trick! A must-have in your Arsenal!

This way you can create a very good routine that can surprise anyone!

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