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Incredibly amazing tricks and their secrets. Awesome trick “Magic fan”.

Today on our “operating table” got the most amazing tricks and their secrets! Therefore, if you are looking for tricks in your Arsenal, then you have come to the right place!

The trick that we will analyze today is simple to the point of impossibility, but it is very effective. The principle on which it is based has found great application not only in card tricks, but in all genres in General. Especially in mentalism, when you need to impose the desired map or any other object on the viewer.

Another undeniable advantage of this trick is that it can be shown with a deck of 36 cards! Yes, dear friends. Combined with the simplest method, this trick can be shown by absolutely anyone with any deck. Isn’t it lovely?:)

For example, you can dilute a penny in poker with this trick. I think that your opponents will be very surprised by this development. Only you should be afraid that you may be called a cheater or a fraud, and no one will put you at the table anymore:)

Enough of this chatter! Let’s move on to the trick! It’s called the Magic fan.

Before the focus, of course, we mix the deck. We can allow our viewers to do this in order to enhance the effect. By the way, another huge plus is that the trick does not require any preparation at all and you can show it at absolutely any time.

After that we offer the viewer to choose a map in a very unusual and non standard way:

we need to spread out a fan, even the most crooked one. It doesn’t matter.
now the viewer must remember absolutely any card and tell what it is on the account from the edge.
Let’s say she’s the seventh. Great.

We put our fan back. It turns out that the chosen card is the seventh from the top. We count out seven cards and defiantly cover the viewer’s card with a part of the deck. Then remove the entire stack to the center of the deck. We can interfere with the deck a few more times. Thus, the map is undoubtedly lost so that we will not find it for sure!

We can’t find the viewer’s map… the viewer will do it!
Now we will start to deal the cards into four piles of four cards. After that, we ask the viewer to choose absolutely any two stacks. Let’s say he made his choice. Remove these two stacks.

Please select one of the remaining two piles. We remove it again.

We lay out the last pile on one card and again ask you to make a choice in favor of any two piles. Remove them. There are only two cards left. I think the audience has already guessed what they need to do.

After that, there is one and only one card on the table, which the viewer completely left on the table of their own free will.

I think you have already guessed what kind of map is there?:) Well, we don’t need to guess. We unmistakably name aloud the map that the viewer has chosen. Turn the card that is on the table and it is … really his card!

That’s the trick. Mad, incredible, strong and powerful. A crazy trick with a double effect that can be shown by absolutely anyone. A real find for absolutely anyone who wants to attract attention and become the soul of the company.

Demonstration and training

By the way, this trick is still perfect for a child. For example, if you are a parent and want to improve your child’s communication skills, it will be great if you first show them this trick, and then teach them. Let him show it at his school. For example, a teacher.

After that, the attitude towards it will change for the better.

And if you are a beginner, this trick is perfect for you to work out your pattern. You don’t have to control the angles and control the viewer’s attention. After all, the viewer does everything himself!

By the way, I advise you to take a few more easy tricks in your Arsenal, such as “Mad shuffle” and “Rubik’s Cards”.

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