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TOP 7 Incredible and easiest tricks for children.

Today’s article will be extremely useful for those who are looking for the simplest tricks for children. After all, the trick that I will describe today is really very easy and effective. It can be repeated by absolutely anyone, even a child.

This type of trick is called self-working effect, which is obtained by itself. In other words, there are absolutely no techniques, you just need to remember the order of actions and perform them in the correct sequence.

So, before the trick, we will thoroughly stir the deck in the usual “grandfather’s way”. In a more professional environment, this shuffle is called an “overhand shuffle”. But perhaps the viewer knows that with such a shuffle, you can easily fake something for yourself.

Therefore, it begins to shuffle the child’s most simple way: we deal the cards into three equal piles, and then add them together. We show the viewer that all the cards are really mixed.

But, for greater accuracy and persuasiveness, we mix the deck again in the same way. Again, we deal the cards into three piles and put them together. Again, we show that the entire deck is completely mixed.

Now we begin to lay out the cards in a four-by-three square. We lay out the first twelve cards, and the next card turns out to be an ACE! We lay out the next dozen, and the next card is again an ACE! Twelve more cards — ACE again! We deal the last twelve cards of the deck, and the next card is, of course, an ACE!

But that’s not all!

Now we have twelve stacks of four cards. And now real magic is going to happen here:

In the first pile are all the Kings!
In the second — Ladies!
In the third — jacks!
In the fourth-all Tens!
And so on to the Twos!

Real magic, because we mixed the deck in a variety of ways. The viewer personally made sure that the deck is completely mixed!

The trick is just perfect, because its method is simple to the point of insanity, and the effect is very powerful. For those who are going to start learning the basics of magic, this trick is a godsend!



But we are not done with this!
As I have already said, tricks of this type always work themselves, that is, they are fully automatic. Such tricks must be in the Arsenal of every trickster, as they allow you to focus as much as possible on your pattern and communication with the audience.

You don’t need to control the angles or redirect the viewer’s attention. You will not feel any discomfort or difficulty while performing any techniques. Such tricks are in the Arsenal of even the most powerful masters of the genre.

As we know, Edward Marlowe was one of the most powerful card magicians. Both in terms of technique and delivery. And this is because he invented an incredible number of such tricks. He loved them!

I recommend everyone to have such tricks in their Arsenal. Therefore, I recommend that you learn the “Mad shuffle” trick.

The meaning of this trick is also simple to the point of insanity. Mix the deck, you can also offer the viewer to shuffle the cards. This greatly increases the effect when the viewer has access to the maps. He begins to think that magic is happening with his participation, too. This is very important.

Next, we suggest that they name any four cards with the same value and pull them out of the deck. In our case, these are Aces. Now let’s take a dozen regular cards and ask the viewer to remove the Aces in this dozen. And then-mix this pile as he pleases.

Now take the initiative in their hands! Let’s start shuffling this stack in the craziest ways that a person can think of! The point of these shuffles is that we don’t just shuffle the cards. We get in the way of them facing their shirts.

And this happens as convincingly and openly as possible. All the cards are really shuffled.

After we have finished mixing them, we can let the viewer do it. He can shuffle as he pleases.

After all this “card bacchanalia” real magic will happen:) Click your finger, spread out the cards with a ribbon and we will see that the entire deck is face up, except for our Aces!

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