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Awesome card tricks for kids. I advise you to learn everything!

Today’s article will be most useful to those who are looking for some interesting card tricks for children. The trick that I will tell you about today is just like this. As simple as possible and very effective. The child will easily repeat it.

This effect in card tricks is called “Spectator cuts the Aces”. Its meaning consists in the fact that the viewer completely at will, by subtracting or simply in some other way dividing the deck into four piles, finds four cards of the same value!

The most powerful and correct effect, which should be in the Arsenal of every magician.

Well, I’ll tell you about the other advantages after I describe the trick.

Before the trick, we mix the deck very carefully. The viewer should not have any guesses that the deck is any special. Or that we have some kind of “charge” in it.

Then we start dealing cards on the table, we can throw several cards at once, and we ask the viewer to stop us at any time. The viewer stops us, now we will only work with the cards that are left on the table. The spectator himself stopped us where he wanted to! We didn’t impose anything on him!

Next, we begin to deal these cards on the table, forming four piles of them. Let’s say you run out of cards and there are four piles left on the table. Click your finger, turn the top cards of each stack and see that… it’s four Aces!!!

A very powerful trick that has a number of valuable advantages:

the viewer is directly involved in creating magic
completely mix the deck
the simplest method that will be repeated by absolutely anyone
the trick will perfectly show itself as an “opener” of your routine, since in the end we have four identical cards with which you can continue to show tricks
So, the trick is perfect for beginners and children.

Demonstration and training

But that’s not all!

Let’s learn a few more similar tricks!
Absolutely every famous card Dodger has an author’s method of this effect. And if not, it definitely has several well-known methods in its Arsenal.

Let’s look at one such method using the “Assistant” trick from the genius ed Marlo.

In General, as you should remember, ed Marlo was famous for his easy methods and cool effects. This trick is just like that.

Before the trick, we clearly explain to the audience what they will have to do. He will have to turn over the top few cards, and then a few more cards. Thus, we will need a card that will lie face down first. In other words, the viewer generated it randomly.

Put on the table face up all the cards that the viewer turned over, and put the generated card on this stack.

Next, we separate a few more cards from the top of the deck and put them on the table, thus forming another stack with a completely random top card.

We do exactly the same with the third stack.

The remaining cards are thoroughly mixed and put on the table as well.

Let’s see what kind of card the viewer has chosen! Turn it over and it turns out to be a Lady. We turn over the remaining top cards of each of the piles and see that they are also Ladies!

This is also a very powerful trick. Plus there is also the fact that the viewer chose the Lady himself. That is, if he chose, for example, any Seven, then the remaining cards would be Sevens!

Demonstration and training

So, if you are not a beginner, but a more or less advanced performer, you should not be afraid to avoid tricks with a simple method. After all, “magic doesn’t happen in the hands, magic happens in the heads”, as the excellent performer Sean Farqua said. Therefore, you must first train your accompanying speech.

In General, I can advise you to show the audience only simple card tricks for children for a while and train the patter very hard. And then move on to more complex methods. As a result, your overall magic skill will grow several times!

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