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Very cool and visual magic tricks for children! A variation of the legendary classic trick!

Especially for those who are looking for amazing and magic tricks for children, I wrote this article. In it, I will reveal the secret of one insanely simple, but at the same time very effective trick with cards.

But if it is based on a simple method, it does not mean that it will find its place in the Arsenal of only beginners. Most likely, more advanced performers of tricks will also find a use for it.

After all, the main thing is not the method, but the effect of the trick. And the effect here, believe me, is very cool:)

By the way, this trick can be done with a regular deck of 36 cards. For example, while playing with friends, you can show this trick and thus dilute the situation with a positive focus.

So, let’s move on to the trick!

Before the focus, we mix the deck very carefully in various ways. You can drag the usual “grandfather” way from hand to hand, you can podsnyat several times, to guarantee the violation of any order in the deck.

Next, all we need to do is find some card in the deck and put it on the table face up. The most ordinary card, no special card, and so on.

Let, in our case, it will be a Deuce of a Cross.

Now we start dealing cards on the table and ask the viewer to stop us at any time. After that, we take the cards that are on the table and deal them into two piles.

Now we ask the viewer: “What is the value of your card?”. He will answer that it is a Deuce. Turn the top card of one of the piles and there is already another Deuce!

We ask about the suit of his card. He will answer that the Cross. Turn over the top card of the second stack — and it is a cross card!

This is a very effective trick. I hope that you will definitely take it to your Arsenal. Do not be afraid of easy methods, just as hard:)

Demonstration and training

But this is not the end!
Especially for those who like tricks with a simple method, I will describe another similar trick.

This effect is called “Spectator cuts the Aces”. It consists in the fact that the viewer, completely at his own will, picks up the deck where he wants, forming four stacks. And the top cards of these stacks have the same value.

For example, it can be four Aces. I think that, based on the name, you have already understood this:)

So, before the trick, according to the already established tradition, of course, we interfere with the deck. Very carefully!

We begin to deal cards on the table with their faces up. You can deal several cards at once. As if, to throw off several pieces at the same time. The audience should stop us at any moment.

Now the cards that were on the table are divided into four piles.

Click your finger, flip the top cards and … it’s four Aces!

Demonstration and training

This trick is quite amazing, it is worth taking in the Arsenal of everyone for a number of reasons:

it is incredibly simple, even a child can cope with it
classic card effect, which is required to show every performer of tricks
the viewer is directly involved in the creation of magic
the effect is slightly stronger than in other tricks with the same effect, as it creates the illusion of shuffling cards while they are divided into piles
I think that these reasons are enough for you to learn this trick and take it to the Arsenal.

Again, I repeat: do not ignore tricks with the easy method and other magic tricks for children. On the contrary, you should show them very, very often. After all, all you need to do on the technical side is to remember the procedure.

The rest of your energy should be directed to creating a competent pattern and submitting it to the viewer! This is very important, because it is your speech that creates most of the magic. Only if you don’t count the extravisual tricks.

Well, that’s it for today!

I hope this article will be useful for you!

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