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Incredible tricks for elementary school children. A legendary trick that everyone must be able to do!

Very often people on the Internet are looking for some cool tricks for elementary school children. I am sure that today’s article will help you cope with this task, and you will still find what you were looking for!

As I have already written, many performers of medium and high-level tricks should have in their Arsenal a couple of tricks with an easy method. This allows you to fully focus on communicating with the audience. And this is the most important thing in your magic performance!

You will not need to control the angles, switch your attention from the viewer to the technique, thus creating a stutter in the pattern or, even worse, an awkward silence. This should not be done in any case! So hone your technique and patter!

Well, now we’ll get to our trick!

This trick, like many previous ones, is another method of performing the legendary “Spectator cuts the Aces” effect.

So, for the trick, we need absolutely any deck. Even the usual “Atlas”, which has only 36 cards, will do.

Before the trick, according to the already established tradition, of course, we interfere with the deck by any means. Next, we suggest that the viewer stop us several times at absolutely any moment while we scroll through the deck.

We start scrolling, the viewer stops us for the first time. Put the first stack on the table. Stops the second time — put the second stack next to the first. Stops for the last time, and we put the remaining two stacks in front of the first two.

Make a few magic passes, click your fingers and … Four Aces are already on top of each stack.

I like these tricks because the audience is directly involved in creating a miracle. There is no stronger effect where the viewer takes part in the trick!

It’s especially funny to look at his face when he says something like, ” Oh my God, I could have stopped him at any other time. Such luck simply does not happen! This is magic!”. And all that sort of thing:)

Demonstration and training

But we’re not done yet!
As I already wrote, several such effects should be in the Arsenal of every self-respecting magician! So I’ll tell you another trick. One of my favorites, which I always and everywhere show to people.

Now you will learn the secret of the legendary trick of no less legendary man Edward Marlo “Find my Assistants”.

This trick has two magic effects. A little later you will find out which ones.

First, of course, we interfere with the deck. Very carefully. And we offer the audience to do the following:

flip a small number of cards on top of the deck
turn over a little more cards, along with the first ones
In this way, it generated a completely random map. Namely, the one that will be lying first face up. Put all the cards that were face up on the table. And on this stack, our chosen card.

We divide the deck ourselves, put this stack next to the first one. Divide again, again put the stack next to the rest. The last stack is mixed and also put on the table.

After a magic finger click we turn over the top cards of each of the piles and it turns out to be Four Ladies!

Here is such a beautiful trick with an easy method and striking two effects. The first effect is that the viewer chose the card himself, and the second is that four identical cards were placed on top of the stacks!

Demonstration and training

So I advise absolutely everyone to learn a couple of these tricks. And train not any complex techniques, but, first of all, the patter! This will allow you all to take a more detailed and thorough approach to increasing your magic level.

Many professional magicians, who are known all over the world, often build a whole routine of such tricks. And many serious books often have separate chapters dedicated to selfworking effects. Therefore, do not be afraid to look for new tricks for primary school children and so on.

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