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Magic tricks for children

Magic tricks for children attract the attention of viewers of all ages, because they demonstrate real magic in everyday life like nothing else. Magic tricks are fascinating, intriguing, and after demonstrating them by a magician, you always want to unravel the secret, and even better, learn to perform it yourself. The latter may not be easy, because often magicians use special props and hone their skills over the years to impress the audience.

However, there are many simple tricks that even a child can learn. They do not require special training, just know a few secrets and practice before the demonstration to the audience.The ability to effectively surprise peers, and even adults, raises the child’s self-esteem, and makes him more confident, which is especially important for shy children.

In addition, most simple tricks are based on physical or chemical laws, which allows you to introduce the child to science in a “magic” form.

Before you teach your child a new trick, demonstrate it yourself. Explain the main secret – why it happens this way and not otherwise. Help your child learn the trick. After a few training sessions, you can perform in public!

And we offer you a series of 11 simple tricks for children that will be a great start for a young illusionist.

The infinite thread
It often happens that an uncut thread sticks out of the clothes and spoils the appearance of the interlocutor. Especially unpleasant is the situation when there are no scissors at hand and then you can ask someone to break the thread, citing dirty hands or your own clumsiness. What will be the surprise of the interlocutor, when he pulls the thread finds that it is interminably long!

The infinite thread

For the focus, we will need: a needle, thread, and a short pencil. Instead of a pencil, you can use a whole spool of thread, but then the chances of the focus being revealed are significantly increased.

So, we wind a couple of meters of thread on the pencil according to the color of the corresponding threads in your clothes. Put a pencil in your pocket and use a needle to bring the end of the thread out to the seam on the clothing. Preparation is over, you can go “ask for help”.

Stuck spoon
This trick is best demonstrated during a tea party. To do this, a teaspoon, previously dipped in sweet tea, is pressed to the thumb and wait for the tea to dry a little. When dry, the sweet syrup will “stick” the spoon to your finger and it will hang on it confidently even when moving. You can also perform this trick by sticking a spoon to your nose, chin, and demonstrating the magic properties of your Cutlery.

Stuck spoon

Lord of the matchbox
For the focus, we will need an empty matchbox and any flat obstacle: a large book/ folder/cutting Board, etc.

Lord of the matchbox

First, we ask the guest to move the matchbox from its place without hands. This is easily done by blowing on it. Now ask them to make sure that the box does not move away, but moves closer to you. If the guest is confused-show him a master class! We put a barrier behind the box and strongly blow not on the box, but on this barrier, just above the box. The air flow will hit the barrier and return back, taking with it a light matchbox. This way the box will move towards you without the help of hands.

The trick with the banana
This trick can easily surprise guests at the table, it is only necessary to prepare a little. The bottom line is that you offer guests to peel a whole banana. When the guest removes the skin, he finds a sliced banana inside.

Sliced banana

To prepare, we will need: a whole banana, a long needle and a little lemon juice.

We pierce the banana skin with a needle, and make several movements up and down, dissecting the soft inside of the banana. This is done several times, thus cutting the banana into several parts. Then, the places where the skin is punctured are treated with lemon juice, otherwise they will darken and be noticeable. Preparatory work is over – you can surprise your guests!

Video instructions for cutting a banana with a needle:

Get through a piece of paper
Another riddle that you can ask your guests is about a piece of paper. After providing them with an A4 sheet and scissors, ask them to cut the sheet so that both a child and an adult can pass through it. Cutting out the inside of the sheet will not do anything – the hole will be too small. However, if you cut the sheet according to the scheme, you will get a huge ring that anyone can pass through.

Layout for cutting a sheet of paper

To do this, fold the sheet in width to make a long narrow rectangle and make incisions on both sides as for a children’s garland. At the end, you will still need to cut the sheet at the initial bend, leaving the edges intact (the beginning of the cut is at the location of the scissors in the photo). Now we expand our sheet and get a huge “ring”. The task is solved!Matchbox in a balloon
Rarely any children’s birthday party is complete without balloons. With a ball, you can also show a trick, and not only by piercing it with a needle, as we wrote here.

Say that you have a magic matchbox that can get into a balloon through its wall. To do this, inflate an ordinary balloon in front of the audience, without tying it and press the matchbox tightly to its bottom. Now let the air out of the ball, do not forget to press the box to the ball all the time. When the ball is deflated, the audience will see that there is a box inside the deflated ball. Put it on your hand and show everyone the result of magic. The most important thing is not to give into your hands to consider what really happened, otherwise the secret will be revealed at that hour.

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Matchbox in a balloon

The box, of course, did not get inside. During the deflation, the stretched rubber wrapped around the matchbox on three sides, and if you do not look from below, it seems that the box is inside.

The trick with the three cups
We will need 3 opaque cups, a small ball of napkin to match the color of the Cup and sleight of hand.

Show the audience a stack of glasses, and place them in front of you, bottom up. Ask someone or yourself to roll up a small ball of napkin and put it on the middle glass. Now cover the middle glass with the people standing next to you and say your favorite “magic words”. Raise a stack of glasses – a ball of napkin has passed through the bottom of the Cup and is lying on the table. You are a real magician!The trick with the three cups

The secret is to put the same ball of tissue in the second Cup before demonstrating the trick. So that the audience does not notice anything, the cups need to be turned quickly-with a sharp movement of the hand. Thus, you have already at the beginning of the focus under the second glass is a ball of napkin. It remains only to make sure that the second lump was similar to the first.

To be honest, I doubted until the last moment whether my daughter would be able to master this trick at 4 years old, but she did a great job the second time. Therefore, you can safely show and teach your children such spectacular and simple tricks.

And a few more tricks from enthusiastic moms.

The focus of the “Magic water»
Idea: decided that the trick for my daughter will show a clown-magician. They turned on fun music and called a clown along with their daughter. The clown (dad) came, said Hello, magic music started playing, the clown took out a jar of water… We looked at it, then the clown said the magic words: “You are water-water, light as frost, become water-water, not light, but … green (red, blue)”, shook the jar and… the water was colored green (red, blue).

The focus of the “Magic water”

Necessary materials: glass jar with lid, gouache, water.

Technical part of the focus: pour water into the jar, spread gouache on the lid of the desired color, close the jar with a lid. The presenter shows the jar, paying attention to the fact that the water in it is clear and light. After that, he utters the “magic words” and shakes the jar, and the water is colored with gouache.

The reaction of the clown daughter was scared, so I had to show the rest of the trick myself. Alena’s face was surprised and smiling as the water turned a different color.

Salimova Olga and daughter Alyona 2G. 4months., Yekaterinburg.

Drawing on milk
I surprised my children by drawing on milk. Anya had already tried this method, but as it turned out, she had completely forgotten.

We will need:

plate with milk;
diluted food colorants;
liquid detergent for washing dishes;
shelves for drawing (optional).
In a plate with milk, we drop dyes of different colors and watch as the paint spreads. You can draw a little with a stick (I recommend it for older children and it is important that there is no intensive mixing, or all the beauty will disappear), but even without this, beautiful patterns will appear in the plate.Drawing on milk

At the end of the process, we drop liquid soap, or dip a cotton swab in the soap and put it in a plate. And watch the magic! The paint runs away from the soap drop, as if by magic. You can add colorants once or twice more. In the final spills, you can lower the paper and print the paint on it.

Kudryashova Nadezhda and children: Anya 4 g. 6 months. and Misha 1 g. 5 months., Saint Petersburg.

Rainbow on a napkin
For an experiment, I took a saucer of water, a piece of white paper napkin, on which I drew squares with colored markers. When you put a napkin in the water, the water begins to rise up due to the capillary effect — there are colored paths, a beautiful rainbow. The daughter was told that the water ran up the colored paths.

Rainbow on a napkin

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