Experiments for children with iodine
experiments for children with iodine we continue to conduct experiments for children. Last time we talked about experiments for children with eggs, and today we present to your attention experiments…

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Experiments for children with iodine

experiments for children with iodine we continue to conduct experiments for children. Last time we talked about experiments for children with eggs, and today we present to your attention experiments for children with iodine.

You probably remember from a school biology course about how potatoes turned blue when they were dripped with a diluted solution of iodine. Something similar, but in a more interesting form, we will do today. So, in today’s article, experiments for children:

– in search of starch,– intensive coloring,

“covering our tracks,

— drawing on the milk.

Experience for children ” in search of starch»
In the first photo, you can see what we will need for today’s experiments:

5% iodine
Disposable cup
A 10% solution of ascorbic acid
But for the first experience, we still need a plate of food. I did not include it in the General list, because the products in which you will look for starch with a crumb can be very diverse. We took flour, wheat groats, oatmeal, a piece of bread, fresh cucumber, lemon, radish.

Now prepare a solution of iodine. To do this, pour water into a Cup and drop a few drops of iodine with a pipette, stir well. You can trust your baby to work with the pipette. So your experiments will develop not only the child’s curiosity to know the world around them, but also fine motor skills.

Why make a solution if you can drip ready-made alcohol iodine? When using ready-made iodine, the starch will turn black due to the high concentration of iodine. Accordingly, visibility will be lost: it may be difficult to distinguish between rich brown and black colors. At a low concentration of iodine in the solution, iodine drops will look slightly yellowish, and places with starch – blue-purple.

Experiments for children: starch detection

So, we put our products on a plate and drop a solution of iodine on them with a pipette. Seeing and discussing what was painted in blue color. Bread, flour, wheat groats and oatmeal are colored, but fruits and vegetables are not. We conclude that these vegetables and fruits do not contain starch.

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Experience for children ” Intensive coloring»
For this experiment, we will need to cook starch paste. The paste is needed to show the baby how the color of starch depends on heat treatment. Take a teaspoon of starch and a glass of water and cook over the fire for a few minutes until thickening. Half of the paste is poured into a glass. In the second glass of water pour 0.5 teaspoons of starch.

At this point, my daughter offered to put another Cup of milk, because all the solutions are white. Put the milk and began to drip a solution of iodine into each Cup. After careful stirring, the cups were compared by the intensity of coloring: the milk remained white, the starch solution became light blue, and the paste turned a rich blue color. We made the following conclusions:

there is no starch in milk,
heat-treated starch gives a more intense color, as the starch molecules become more accessible to iodine.
Experiments for children: intensity of coloring

A similar difference in the intensity of coloring should be obtained in the variant: raw-boiled potatoes. If you decide to try it, write in the comments that you have succeeded!

Experience for children ” Covering our tracks»
Open five ampoules of 10% ascorbic acid and pour it into a Cup, add water. Now mix the iodine solution and ascorbic acid solution in one glass, it immediately discolors. We still decided to drop a little more concentrated iodine. You also try it – it turns out very nicely: drops of iodine, reacting with ascorbic acid, create a picture of “sparklers” on the surface, as his daughter called it. Ascorbic acid has discolored even the colored starch and colored paste.

Experiments for children: iodine discoloration

This experience caused great surprise in my daughter. She likes to mix colors, mix multi-colored solutions and, of course, expected the solution to become a little lighter, but not discolored at all. I told them that we used to mix paints with each other and with water, but now we mix different chemical compounds, they react with each other, and we get new compounds that may differ in color from the original ones. Here we remembered the chemical experiment with vinegar and soda, when a lot of foam was released. The daughter understood the analogy.

Experience for children ” Drawing on milk»
And finally, we had a creative experiment with drawing on the remaining milk, because the child was outraged that all the colored solutions mother discolored, and she had nothing to create. A few drops of gouache were dropped on the milk. We decided to draw with a cotton swab and dipped it in dishwashing liquid. It was very interesting to see how the paint runs away from us and forms strange patterns.

Experiments for children: drawing on milk

The daughter couldn’t stand it and asked: “What have you done? I want to draw, but the paint is running away from me!”. I told them that dishwashing liquid repels fat, and the fat molecules take the paint with them as they run away. Having understood the essence, the daughter agreed to “draw”more.

These are all our experiments for today. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments. I will also be happy to read your ideas for experiments for children with iodine!

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Experiments for children with iodine
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