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Simple tricks for children and their parents

Simple tricks for children at home
Children believe in miracles. And when they learn to create them with their own hands – they turn into wizards for a minute, getting a charge of positive emotions and the first recognition of the audience. Simple tricks for children at home help solve a number of problems:

Easy tricks for preschool children
With the help of tricks, young children get acquainted with the world and learn about the laws of nature, mathematics, chemistry and physics in an exciting way.

Simple tricks for children are not yet based on the need to demonstrate sleight of hand or use complex devices. They expand their horizons and introduce them to phenomena that can cause surprise.

An example of such a trick is the story of the floating potato.

The child returned from kindergarten and, smiling slyly, suggested that the parents demonstrate the trick by asking for a potato, two cups and salt. The teacher in the classroom showed how potatoes in ordinary water fell to the bottom of the dishes, and in salt — floated on the surface.

Pay attention

It seemed to the child that the experience was so simple that he could cope on his own and impress his parents with his “magic” abilities. After pouring water into both cups, the baby added a couple of spoons of salt to one of them and began the sacrament.

The potatoes sank in both cups, which made the child desperate.

Wise parents had to help their son and explain why the trick failed. To prevent potatoes from drowning, the concentration of salt should be very high – you need to take a smaller Cup, and more salt.

Simple tricks for children at home give an impetus to cognitive activity and knowledge that will be useful in life in the future.

The best thing to remember is what a person has tried on their own experience.

Kids magic tricks at home for the development of logical thinking
Mathematics is not easy for everyone, but bringing interest to it can lead to amazing results. Parents can always offer a school child to be a magician and, for example, learn to guess the time. This technique can later be demonstrated in front of peers, winning respect and admiration.

The opponent looks at the clock and makes two numbers. According to the conditions, these numbers on the dial must be opposite each other. After that, he calls the sum of these numbers out loud. The magician immediately guesses, giving the opportunity to guess the numbers and other opponents. The trick is simple – there are only six combinations of sums, and they are all different:

1+7 =8;






You can just learn them, or you can learn to apply a formula that always works. The amount must be divided in half and add 3, so the first number is obtained. And the second is easy to find out if you subtract the first from the amount.

Logic is perfectly developed by tricks with cards.

Younger students can be shown guessing an even and odd number of cards by weight. The magician offers anyone who wants to remove a part of the cards from the deck, promising to determine whether an even or odd number of them will be removed. Defiantly weighing the cards on his hand, he easily copes with the task.

Magic tricks and their secrets are of equal interest to children. It is interesting to guess where the host cheated and why it is so easy to guess. The trick is that the cards have only two suits – red and black.

Having laid them out by alternating, it is not difficult to see which suit was at the bottom of the removed part of the deck.

Tricks for children at home using equipment
At children’s festive events, entertainment of tricks is very important.

A variety of equipment comes to the rescue, which is easy to buy in specialty stores: a magician’s costume, a magic wand, inflatable balls, tricky pins and colorful circles.

Home holidays are the first platform for children to perform. Any trick should be tested the day before, so that the child feels confident and does not fear for the result.

The puncture of an inflatable ball with a sharp needle looks spectacular, which even an older preschooler can demonstrate. Parents need to help prepare an inflatable balloon by sticking invisible pieces of colorless tape on both sides.


The secret is that a puncture in place of the tape will not cause the balloon to burst, keeping it intact. Without preliminary training, the baby is unlikely to cope with the task.

But after the preparation and successful performance, it will not only delight the audience, who can easily pierce the ball with a needle, but also know the great joy of success.

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