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Home tricks for children 6. 7. 8 years old. Simple tricks

A rare child does not get excited at the sight of a funny clown. Children just love to go to various events related to” miracles ” and magic tricks. Few people know that such fun can be organized at home.

However, this requires a little preparation and training. Tricks are best suited for children 8 years old, since it is at this age that the child is able to evaluate them. Most likely, they will be interested in how you do it and want to know the secret of the trick.

Here it is your right to open the secret, or to keep everything secret.

Simple tricks for children at home
Focus “Glow in the dark soda»

Take any carbonated drink, pour one-third of the water into a mug or glass, and add one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and a little soda to the bottle. Shake well. After that, you will notice that the bottle is glowing.

Call your child to demonstrate the “miracle of miracles”. He’ll be thrilled. By the way, this water can be used to draw various letters on the street, but be careful that the mixture does not get into your eyes and skin.

It is better not to give a bottle to a child.

Focus “a Fountain and a wide spray»

To perform the trick you will need:

a bottle of Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola,
one pack of Mentos chewable candies.
What should I do? You need to go outside (you can’t do the trick at home), open the lid of the bottle and throw in one or two Mentos chewable candies. Most importantly, have time to move away as soon as possible, otherwise you will be splashed with a rising fountain. From the outside, this trick looks very fun. The child will definitely like it.

Focus ” Obedient button»

To successfully complete the focus, you will need:

any sparkling water,
one button. The button size doesn’t matter.
All you have to do is put the button in the glass. It will immediately sink to the bottom. You need to move your hand over the glass after a while and say: “Button, come to me!”The child will be amazed to see how the button rises at your request.

Then again, with the most serious look, command: “Button down!”And it will obediently sink to the bottom. The secret of the trick is that the position of the button in the water is affected by gas bubbles. When they accumulate a lot, they raise it up, then the button is lowered again.

Before showing a child a trick, , determine the rhythm, so that you know when to start “conjuring” with your hand.

Focus ” Phone hidden in a balloon»

To demonstrate this trick, you will need:

an ordinary balloon,
any cell phone model. The color of the ball does not matter at all.
What is required of you? You need to show your child a balloon and a mobile phone. Then carefully bring them close to each other and unnoticeably for the child release the valve at the ball. It will begin to deflate. And deflating, surprisingly takes the form of a phone.

The secret of the trick is that the ball actually wraps around the phone from the outside, rather than ending up inside the ball. But it seems that the phone is located inside the ball. The main thing is to make sure that your cell phone does not ring at the most inopportune and responsible moment.

Otherwise, the child will quickly expose you.

Thus, home tricks for children are completely safe. They can be demonstrated at any time, raising the mood for yourself and your child.

Simple tricks for children at home
Perhaps one of the best ways to entertain a sad kid is to show him a fun trick. Watching the miraculous reincarnation or disappearance of objects, any child will want to be in the place of the magician and repeat everything that the magician does. However, some tricks require special training, and they may not be available for a young wizard.

In this article, we will tell you how to do tricks for children at home, and give examples of the simplest tricks that can be shown at home, without using special devices.

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