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Cool tricks for 11 years and their secrets. The simplest and most effective card trick.
For sure, many of you often search the Internet for cool tricks for 11 years and their secrets. That's why I've prepared a great trick for you. This trick is…

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Children’s tricks at home for everyone!

Hello again!

We are in touch with you again Sergey Kulikov, he is a Sailor!

And in our today’s article, I would like to tell you about what cool children’s tricks at home I know!

The advantages of all these tricks are that they can be done very easily with any deck and without preparation. That is, they do not require the study of any secret cheating methods and techniques. Even a small child can make them.

And another big plus is that these tricks can be done with absolutely any deck of playing cards. You can take at least “Atlas” and already begin to entertain our first audience.

Focus number 1!
This trick is called “Kings and Ladies” and it is very simple to perform. But despite this, it is quite effective and can deceive a large number of people.

So, we only need eight cards for it. Four Kings and four Ladies.

The idea of the trick is that each Lady is inseparably connected with her King. This is the classic pattern for this trick.

We put the Ladies on the Kings and ask the viewer to pick up this stack any number of times. After that, the cards remain completely mixed.

Now take this stack, put it behind your back and take out two cards each. One of them will be turned face up and the other face down.

And it turns out that we have drawn two cards with the same suits! That is, we pulled out the Lady of the Cross, along with the King of the Cross, and so on.

This trick is remarkable in that the viewer takes part in it directly. That is, it participates in the creation of magic. This is just a wonderful trick!

Focus number 2!
In this focus, the plot plays a very important role. This trick is beautiful because it turns out automatically and so you can direct all your attention to the most beautiful pattern.

So we have a King. He had four daughters — four Ladies. And in order to protect his daughters from their suitors (Jacks), he locked each of them in a tower, hung up the locks (Tens), and set a guard (Aces).

We put all these four stacks together and ask the viewer to take a picture of the resulting stack as many times as he wants.

We put these cards back into four piles. After a while, the King decided to check on his daughters. Turn over the first stack and see that there are four Aces! The guards were deceived!

Turn over the second stack, and there — Two Jacks and two Queens of the corresponding suits!

In the third stack-four Tens! The locks on the doors were broken!

In the fourth pile are the next two Jacks with their corresponding Queens!

After this incident, the King decided to double the guard and protect his daughters more!

Focus number 3!
These types of tricks are my favorite! After all, magic happens in them only thanks to the decisions and actions of the viewer! These tricks are most often used as “openers” for my routines!

So we have a regular deck of cards. Let’s choose one random card from it. We won’t show it to the audience yet.

Now we’ll start to merge the cards one by one, face up, until the viewer stops us.

As a result, after these manipulations, we have two piles and one card on the table. Turn over the top card of the first stack and it turns out to be a Ten.

This means that we must count the top ten cards from the second pile. So we have another stack.

Turn over the tenth card and it turns out to be a Ten again!

Now turn over the top card of the third stack and this is also a Ten!

And the same card that we chose at the beginning of the trick-Ten!

Thus the viewer himself found four Tens in a mixed deck!

Demonstrate and teach these three wonderful tricks.

Cool tricks for 11 years and their secrets. The simplest and most effective card trick.
For sure, many of you often search the Internet for cool tricks for 11 years and their secrets. That's why I've prepared a great trick for you. This trick is…


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