Home tricks for children 6. 7. 8 years old. Simple tricks
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Children's tricks at home for everyone!
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Simple tricks for beginners at home
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How to do magic tricks training for beginners!

Hello again!

We are in touch with you again Sergey Kulikov, he is a Sailor!

Today’s article I would like to call “how to do magic tricks training and demonstration”. In it, we will analyze with you five simple, but really effective tricks that will shock any viewer!

Trick number one!
This trick is quite confusing, but, nevertheless, it is very amazing and spectacular. So, before starting the trick, carefully mix the deck and prepare a prediction for the viewer! We write something on a piece of paper and put it aside.

Now we ask the viewer to choose twelve absolutely any cards.

He can take twelve cards in a row from the top, he can take the bottom, or he can choose random cards.

After that, we ask him to choose four of these twelve cards. Again, they must be random. We don’t impose anything on the audience.

Now we put these four cards aside, and put the other eight cards back in the deck. We won’t need them anymore.

Let’s see what kind of cards the viewer has chosen. In our case, this is a Seven, Four, Six and a Queen. With them, you need to do the following: deal them so many cards that you get ten. That is, on the Four we turn over six more cards, on the Six-four cards. All the higher picture cards are already equal to ten.

So, after this tedious action, we should do something else. We need to count the amount of these cards! In our case, it’s twenty-seven. We count out twenty-seven cards and put them on the table and put the next card aside.

Now look at the prediction. We wrote only two words “three Crosses”. Now look at the map that we put aside and it’s … the three of the Cross!

Trick number two!
I love this trick very much, because it is wildly effective and can surprise even a skilled magician! So, according to tradition, we will mix the deck.

Now we will offer the viewer to choose a map. We’ll start scrolling through the deck on the long side and ask the viewer to stop us at any time. We give him his chosen card so that he remembers it. In our case, it is the three of Hearts. Put it on top of the deck and the deck podnimaem. This way the card becomes lost in the deck.

Now we spread the deck with a ribbon on the table and see that we have four Aces upside down! Divide the deck into two parts in the place where the Aces lie. After that, we’ll do a fun action. Put the red Aces on top of one of the stacks, and put the black Aces on top of the other stack. Now Aces have to look for a card in their stack!

We pick up the deck once, spread the deck with a ribbon on the table and see… that both the black and red Aces have caught one card each! One of these cards is the three of Hearts-the viewer’s card, and the other is the three of Bubi!

Here is such a wonderful trick!

Trick number three!
This trick is wildly simple in both execution and effect. You can show it just to fool around with the pattern and just make your friends laugh.

So, as usual, we shuffle the cards and ask the viewer to say “Stop” at any time when we scroll through the deck. The viewer stops us and now we are only interested in the cards that were left on top.

Take them and mix them thoroughly. We ask the viewer to take a picture of this stack in absolutely any place. Those cards, which he podsnap, put aside, and remove the rest.

Now we do the following action: lay out the “magic circle”on the table! We deal twelve cards to the table in the form of a circle. Now we look at the number of cards that the viewer picked up. In our case, there are nine of them. From this we conclude that the ninth card in this circle is the Five of Diamonds! A bold statement, let’s see if this is true. We check and together with the audience make sure that the “magic circle” is suitable for helping us with tricks!

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