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The best tricks of the world of video and learning them!

Today’s article will be called “the Best tricks of the world of video and learning”. It will be dedicated to the most powerful card tricks. Therefore, I highly recommend reading it!

In this article, I will tell you about the most famous and proven card tricks that were invented by real masters of their craft!

First trick!
And it’s called Triufm! To be precise, this is not so much a trick as a whole concept! It was invented by the greatest card manipulator — Dai Vernon. The version that I will show in the video, I think, is the most popular and quite simple.

So, what is the point of the trick? We offer the viewer to choose any card, then we lose the selected card in the deck and carefully mix the deck itself. The peculiarity of this trick is that we do not just shuffle the cards in classic ways, but start shuffling the cards with their faces to the shirts!

Thus, the deck is completely chaotic! So how do we find the viewer’s map now? Very simple! You just need to click your fingers once and spread the deck out on the table with a ribbon. And we will see that the entire deck has returned to its original order, except for one card — the spectator card!

There are a huge number of variations of this trick. Almost every famous magician has one of his own. For example, my favorite variations are from guy Hollingworth and So Sato.

Demonstration and training

By the way, if you are interested, I advise you to learn another cool version of this trick from my favorite magician — Edward Marlowe! It is called “three-Stop triumph”!

The second trick!
And the trick was invented by Edward Marlowe. It can also be attributed to the category of not just tricks, but entire concepts.

So, it is called “Collectors”. Before the focus, we put aside some four cards face down. We will return to them later.

We offer the viewer to choose as many as three cards! It is ideal to show this trick to three viewers. The viewer remembers them, putting the cards aside. Now we show the viewer the cards that we put aside at the beginning of the focus. These cards turn out to be four Kings.

Now we begin to remove the viewer’s cards in turn to the center of the deck. After that, we just snap our fingers, put the four Kings on top of the deck, and … that’s it! The magic has already happened! We show that there are three cards face down between these Kings! And these are the viewer’s cards!

This trick is insanely effective if you show it to three people at once. Just like the previous trick, there are a huge number of variations on this trick. My favorite was invented by Benjamin Earl/

At its core, this focus has a “sandwich” effect. This means that any cards find the selected cards of the viewer, that is, they are as if squeezed between the sniffer cards.

Demonstration and training

The third trick!
It is called “Oil and Water”. The idea was first invented by Walter Gibson back in 1940, and the plot was developed by Edward Marlowe. No wonder he is my favorite performer:)

So we have a total of eight cards. Four of them are black-Oil, the other four red-Water. Start mixing them. We put a red card, a black card on it, and so on until we run out of cards. At first glance, it may seem that we have shuffled our cards, but as soon as we click our fingers, the oil suddenly POPs up!

Turn over the top cards and see that they are four black cards, and the rest are red!

We do the same thing again, only starting with the black card. We shuffled all the cards and show them to the audience to make sure that we are honest. But if we snap our fingers again, the oil will float up again!

Again, we have four black cards at the top and four red cards at the bottom!

Demonstration and training

There is a lighter version of this trick, it is more likely to be attributed to the child.

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed today’s article, which is called ” the world’s Best tricks videos and training»

Sergey Kulikov, who is a Sailor, was in touch with you!

See you soon!

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