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How to surprise your friends with mind-altering tricks!

And today I would like to share with you such an interesting article, the title of which is “how to surprise your friends with tricks”! This is what it will be dedicated to.

I think that many of you have had a situation where you were getting together with friends, and suddenly you realize that you need to dispel the situation in some way. After all, the topics for discussion have long been over. Or when you play cards, but this routine begins to bore you. I publish this article specifically to resolve such situations!

The trick that we will consider with you is not quite ordinary. This is a prediction trick!

On the table we will have a pre-prepared folded piece of paper with the inscription “My prediction”.

Before starting a trick, of course, we need to carefully shuffle the deck. And then extract two Jokers from it. We won’t need them in this trick.

Let the show begin!

Divide the deck into two approximately equal piles and put them on the table face up. Then absolutely the entire trick will be done by the viewer himself! Everything will happen only in his hands!

We explain to him what to do. You must take any number of cards from one pile and put them face up next to the second pile. We do the same with the other stack.

Now you need to shuffle the cards that are face up with those that are face up! Just like in the “Triumph” focus. The viewer should do the same with the second stack.

After that, the viewer must repeat exactly the same procedure again! Again, take any number of cards and, turning them over, put them to another pile. And mix them together again.

And this same action must be done for the last, third time! The spectator again takes the cards from one pile, turns them over with the other side and puts them in front of the second pile. And it interferes with each other again.

Let’s add even more chaos!

Now we need to take these two piles ourselves, turn one of them over and mix it with the other!

We lay out the cards with a ribbon on the table and see that the deck is in utter chaos and disorder! The cards are completely mixed up with each other, and even faces to the shirt! What can you do with such a deck?

Don’t panic! All this time, a piece of paper with the inscription “My prediction”lay on the table in front of the viewer. Unfold it and read what it says:

There will be 25 cards face down. Start scrolling through the deck and count how many cards are face down. And they really turn out to be 25!
There will be 10 black cards. We look through our cards and see that there are really 10 cards of black suits among them!
All cards of the cross suit, except… Scroll through the cards and remove one card to the side face up. Indeed, 9 cards out of 10 were of the cross suit.
Unfold the leaf to the end and see that it contains another small folded leaf. We open it and see that the ACE of Spades is drawn on it! Turn over our card, which was lying face down and this is the ACE of Spades!

Here’s a trick, ladies and gentlemen!

Personally, I believe that it is so strong that you can use it not only to surprise your friends, but also to build a full-fledged performance!

A huge plus of this trick is that it is a self-working effect, that is, it is a trick that works itself! You don’t need to know absolutely any techniques! Thanks to this, you can fully focus on the presentation and not spend extra effort on practicing the most complex techniques. I recommend this trick to beginners who are still afraid to show tricks live. You will already have an idea what it is.

You can even imagine this trick as a mental one! The audience is very fond of this word and will take this trick more seriously than as a normal entertainment.

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