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Wonderful tricks and tricks to surprise your friends!

And today I would like to tell you about what I know interesting tricks and tricks to surprise your friends. Most likely, somewhere at a party or just during evening gatherings with friends, you will be able to show them and get your first applause.

A huge advantage of these tricks is that you can show them, even if you are still a beginner. After all, they do not require any very complex techniques, methods of distraction, and so on. Thanks to this, you will be able to fully focus on your serve.

Trick number one!

It is called “Follow the leader”.

There are two stacks of cards on the table. We show the viewer that we have eight red cards in one pile and eight black cards in the other.

Now we need to select one leader card from each stack. Select this card and put it face up in front of your stack.

This is followed by a fun test of how loyal the follower cards are to their leader cards. We lay out the first Three cards from each stack and see that they match the color of their leader cards. That is, everything is completely logical.

But what if we switch the leader cards? Then, logically, the followers should no longer follow them. But as soon as we click our finger and start turning over the follower cards, we see that they completely match the color of their already new leaders!

And what do you think will happen if we don’t do the right thing and switch our followers? Then the balance must surely be broken, and followers will betray their leaders.

However, this will not change anything! So much followers are loyal to their leaders! We start turning over followers and see that they still follow their leaders!

Trick number two!

This trick can be safely used as an opening for your routine, because there is a magical manifestation of the four cards!

We tell the audience that there are four wonderful cards in the deck — Ladies! Who love to show off and stand out from the crowd. Well, let’s give them a chance.

We start scrolling through the deck and ask the viewer to stop us at any time. At the point where he stopped us, we turn the top stack face up and put it on the bottom stack, lying face up. Flip through the cards to the first card face up and it turns out that this is the first Lady! The spectator stopped us in this place!

In order for the second Lady to appear, it is only necessary for the viewer to click his fingers. After that, we spread the deck with a ribbon on the table and see that one Lady is lying face up!

This time we will have two Ladies in the deck at once! Turn over half of the deck and put it face to face with the other half. We lay out the tape on the table and see that the last card face up is a Queen, and the first card face down is also a Queen!

Trick number three!

This trick is just incredibly simple, however, it can be considered mental! After all, it will show your audience how much you have a phenomenal memory! It is very similar to a trick called “Photographic memory”.

We mix the deck in various ways that we want. And we tell the audience that every magician must master the technique of photographic memory. We explain that each deck of cards always has four cards of the same value. Four Aces, four fours, four tens, and so on. Only there are only two Jokers.

Now we offer the viewer to choose a map. We start scrolling through the deck and suggest that he stop us at any time. We put on the table the card that he chose, face down, and the deck is laid out face up with a ribbon on the table.

Now let’s demonstrate our memory skills! We look through the entire deck and find that one card is missing! The audience will surely be surprised by your attentiveness! However, you unmistakably name the card that he chose!

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