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What trick should I show my child to surprise them?! Of course the “Master»

Surely, many of you have often thought about what trick to show your child? In this article, you will easily find the answer to this question!

The trick I will tell you about today is called “Master”. It was invented by the most legendary magician from Sweden — Lennart green!

This man is a giant of modern card magic. His indescribable style is recognized by absolutely everyone who is at least a little fond of magic tricks!

Nothing characterizes his style like his nickname-Master of Chaos! Yes, Yes, Yes. His style is as clumsy, ugly, and unsightly as possible. All the movements are very sloppy, the cards constantly fall out of your hands.

But he got his status as a master precisely because absolutely all awkward movements, every fallen card are pre-planned and trained.

That is, it performs clumsy movements crystal clear! Understand what I mean?:)

It seems to me that this is many times more difficult than to train your movements to perfect beauty and aesthetics, because it is completely the opposite of human nature!

Usually, for many people, when they pick up cards, the movements look very awkward and funny. Cards keep falling out of your hands and so on.

So, when the audience sees such movements in the magician, they stop expecting something truly magical.

But it is worth showing at least one good trick, and the power of the magic effect is doubled!

By the way, green is the author of such legendary moves in card magic as “Top Shot” and”Snap Deal”.

Every trickster knows the first move, and almost everyone knows how to do it. But with the second movement, everything is a little more complicated.

In itself, it is incredibly complex. Lennart uses it in his legendary routine “Laser Deal”, I advise everyone to read it!

Let’s go to the trick itself!
As I said, the trick is called “Master”.

Its essence is incredibly simple:

shuffle the deck well
now we tell the viewer that we can easily find three Aces in the deck
shuffle the deck again
we show the viewer the lower card so that only the suit icon in the center of the card is visible, just like in the ACE
put this card on the table
And, most likely, the viewer will begin to doubt that there is an ACE.

We do exactly the same with the next two Aces. And now we ask the audience if they will be surprised if we turn these Aces into Threes?

Of course, the viewer will say that it is not, because he clearly saw that we put on the table three, and showed him before that, too, Three!

Did we screw up and the trick didn’t work?

No! The situation can be easily corrected by clicking your fingers! Turn these cards over and it’s … Ladies!!!

At this point, absolutely any viewer begins to pour out all their emotions!

I just love this trick! It’s definitely one of my three favorite tricks. After all, it is on it that I get the most-presamye strong and sincere emotions!

After all, we are playing with the audience in a brilliant way. We allow him to take control of the situation and” burn ” us. But we do it all deliberately to cause it to break the pattern!

Demonstration and training

By the way, this trick can be repeated with a deck of 36 cards.

I recommend this trick to take in the Arsenal of absolutely every magician!

And absolutely anyone can show it, because it is based on the simplest card movement, which is called “Shift”. In the original, it is called “Glide”.

The movement is incredibly easy, and almost everyone knows it. You don’t even have to be a magician. Most of the old Soviet tricks are based on it.

Learning ” Shift»

If you want to practice this movement, then I advise you to learn a trick called “observation Test” and another trick that can easily win any disputes!

That’s all for today! I hope that you will not have any more questions about what trick to show the child!

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