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The disclosure of the secrets of magic tricks from the real masters! “Return to the Fat City”!

A lot of people often search the Internet for something like “revealing the secrets of tricks” and so on. In this article, I will tell you the secret of a very cool trick!

This trick is called “Return to Fat City” or “Return to Fat City”. And it was invented by a very inventive magician John Bannon, who is famous for many of his author’s tricks.

This trick is an ideal find for those people who have just started on the path of a professional magician and want to approach the study of this interesting genre as competently as possible.

Because the most important thing in the presentation of the focus is a pattern, that is, a verbal accompaniment or a certain story. So, this trick is simply impossible to show without a story. The audience simply does not understand anything.

Thus, by practicing this trick, you will undoubtedly raise your magic level to a new level. And at the same time, your communication skills will improve.

It will be incredibly useful to teach this trick to a child. It will become much easier to communicate with people and easier to find a common language with anyone.

So, enough chatter, let’s move on to the trick itself!

We tell the audience the story that there are an infinite number of different cities in the world. But there is one very unusual city called Fat city. And this is our deck of cards.

In this city, the service is carried out by two very brave fat cops-Fat Jack and Fat Kolek:) in the deck of cards, these are Black jacks.

One dark evening, an ordinary fat resident went for a walk in a fat city. At this point, we offer the viewer to choose any card.

But after that, this resident got lost in this city and was never seen again. Now we remove the viewer’s card into the deck and start shuffling it to lose the card selected by the viewer.

And at this very moment, our fat cops come into play!

They go out on business!
They need to find the missing item. We put these Jacks together and put them in the center of the deck.

We click our finger and tell the audience that they have never set us up and did their job honestly and efficiently.

We scroll through the deck and see that there is one card between the two Jacks. We take it out and turn it over and it’s … really the viewer’s map!

Our fat cops did their job!

But our fat resident turned out to be a pretty unlucky fellow. He disappears again!

And the fat cops are again reluctant to take up their work!

But this time our fat resident has finally disappeared from the city! And there’s no chance of finding him. However, the fat cops will still endlessly comb the entire city.

During these words, we spread the deck on the table with a ribbon and the viewer sees that one of the Jacks is at the top, the other at the bottom of the deck. And we only have one card left in our hands — the spectator’s card!

This trick perfectly shows how important the pattern is in showing almost any trick.

If you want to play with the audience, show not just a trick, but a real story. And the story is unusual, as really smart and interesting, then this trick will be a real find for you!

You will create a real show that will be interesting to watch and listen to absolutely any audience. Of course, if they themselves want it:) Do not impose it on those who are not interested in it and if they are not ready to listen to you.

Demonstration and training

There are no complicated techniques or anything else in the trick. All you need to focus on is the verbal accompaniment and that’s it!

Perfect for both beginners and more advanced performers.

By the way, if you want to learn a few more of these tricks, I advise you to learn the following tricks:

Ace shuffle sequence by ed Marlo
Ed Marlo’s mindfulness test
They are already a little more complicated, but they are worth it!

That’s all for today! I hope you no longer have to search the Internet for something like “revealing the secrets of magic tricks training” and so on!

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