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An interesting variation of “Water and Oil”! Easy home tricks for children and not only!

Quite often, many people search the Internet for something in the spirit of “easy home tricks for children” and so on. In our article today, I will give you what you are looking for!

The trick that I will tell you about today is a variation of the legendary concept of tricks “Water and Oil”.

I have already described one such very strong variation. More experienced magicians are advised to adopt it.

Demonstration and training of this variation:

The very idea of the trick is as follows:

shuffle the cards so that the red and black cards alternate
after a magic click, they are separated from each other, that is, there are several black cards in a row, and after that — several red ones
Black cards represent oil, and red cards represent water. According to the laws of physics, due to the difference in density, water and oil can never mix, no matter how we shake and shake them!

Funny, but a very clever idea for a trick, isn’t it?

By the way, this idea is very old and along with “Triumph” from Dai Vernon is considered an immortal classic!

As for our variation? In itself, it is unrealistically light and can be repeated by absolutely anyone who has hands:)

There is absolutely no technique in it. At all! All you need to do is learn the sequence of actions. All you need to think about is your pattern! Without it, nowhere!

So please, if you show this trick to people who are really ready to listen to you and see real magic, then come up with the most original and interesting presentation!

Believe me, this trick is worth it.

In addition, you will need absolutely any deck to display it! Even in 36 cards! So you can safely take other people’s “Atlases” and create real magic with them! The owner of the deck will then carefully store this deck and present it to friends as a real relic!

Let’s take a closer look at our trick!
We show the audience that we have five red cards and five black cards in our hands.

We ask him which stack to cover the other stack with. Should I cover the black card with a stack of red cards or Vice versa?

After that, we shuffle the cards in any way.

Now we tell the viewer that we will deal one card in the usual way, and turn the next one over. And so on to the end. We ask him how we should deal the first card. Should I hand it over or turn it over?

At the request of the viewer, you can then pick up the cards several times.

Now we will deal two cards together at the same time. But again, we ask the viewer whether to put them simply or turn them over. We ask this on each pair of cards.

Divide the cards into two equal piles.

Once again, we need the will of the viewer! We ask him which stack to cover the other stack with. Left right or right left? After that, we will mix the cards again in any way.

Now we need a little magic!

Click your finger, lay out the cards and see that only the black cards are facing up! Those cards that lie face down, respectively, are red!

Here is such a wonderful trick.

Demonstration and training:

An incredibly great advantage of this trick is that we do all the movements in accordance with the will of the viewer! Completely everything!

This creates a huge shocking question in his head! He starts thinking, “what if I had made a different choice, the trick wouldn’t have worked” and so on.

Most likely, he will ask you to repeat it, but remember that the trick should never be shown twice! This may lead the viewer to guess. After all, the second show is no longer aimed at the magic itself, but at whether the audience will be able to solve it. Thus, it is of interest to you personally completely disappears.

That’s all for today! I hope that you will no longer have to search the Internet for something like “tricks easy home for children learning” and so on.

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