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Secrets of focus 3 Monte maps and training! Super variations!

In today’s article, we will discuss the secrets of the focus 3 of the Monte map. I’m sure many of you have heard of this.

So, what is 3 Monte cards?

I can say for sure that absolutely everyone has seen it, and absolutely everyone knows about it in the same way.

Everyone saw various scammers on the street playing with random passers – by in one simple card game for money.

The essence of this game is as follows:

the crook has 3 cards on the table, usually any two red cards and one black
the fraudster starts shuffling these cards on the table, and the viewer needs to guess where the black card is
if the viewer guesses, they take the money. And vice versa
But, of course, it is impossible to win against a real Mature Dodger, since he completely controls the situation and knows perfectly well what the audience will do.

This fraud is called “Three cards of Monte”.

But it exists not only in the form of gambling, but also in the form of a trick. And, as a rule, variations of these tricks are just incredibly strong and spectacular, because they break the viewer’s template.

Of course, there are effects when the viewer simply does not guess the viewer’s card many times in a row. But it is better not to take them to the Arsenal, or show them not often. Because “Three Monte cards” should not be a “Loop trick”.

Now I will explain to you what this is.

In magic, there is a rule that there should not be more than three repeated phases in a trick. For example, when showing an “Ambitious map”, you should not just stupidly bring the viewer’s map up more than three times.

The phases must be diluted and enhanced with various magical effects.

The same is true in the Three maps of Monte. A trick in which the viewer just doesn’t guess where the map is many times is a bad trick.

And now you will find out what a really good trick is!
The variations themselves are usually not complex, since they have almost no complex techniques. Basically, there are special maps that you can easily make yourself.

But, since there are no techniques, this does not mean that the trick can not be trained. It should be remembered that this concept is more than two hundred years old. So please respect it with a competent and interesting presentation!

For example, if a variation where a map with two faces is used (doubleface). You can easily make it yourself by simply gluing two cards face-to-face.

With this card, you can successfully show the trick to two viewers. It will consist in the fact that these cards will change places.

It is called “2 maps of Monte”. There is, of course, a simpler variation without such a map, but you can also show this trick with it.

It is also possible to successfully show a classic variation, in which the viewer will not guess where the desired map lies. The effect will be quite strong, because everything is as clean as possible.

Demonstration and training

The second variation, as for me, will blow the roof off absolutely any person. Even the most avid skeptic, because at the end of the trick, there is a powerful break in the template. Combined with the clearest crystal, it turns out to be a powerful trick.

I just love these tricks and I think that every magician should have a couple of them in their Arsenal. At least in order to destroy all the skepticism of the viewer.

Double-sided tape is used here. Again, there are absolutely no techniques. Anyone can show it.

But remember that you need to train the pattern. This trick is worth spending a week or two on.

Demonstration and training

Well, that’s it for today. Now you have learned all the secrets of the focus 3 Monte card. And remember that you should not cheat people for money and engage in other evil spirits! Bring people joy with magic!

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