What are magic tricks? A little from the history of magic tricks
history focusovillusionary art (tricks) have attracted the attention of mankind for more than four and a half thousand years. What is the reason for such a steady popularity of magic…

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Magic tricks for children
Magic tricks for children attract the attention of viewers of all ages, because they demonstrate real magic in everyday life like nothing else. Magic tricks are fascinating, intriguing, and after…

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Simple tricks for children and their parents
Simple tricks for children at home Children believe in miracles. And when they learn to create them with their own hands – they turn into wizards for a minute, getting…

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Bombs are balls made of soda and citric acid that begin to boil when they get into the water. Except

4 tablespoons of baking soda,
2 tablespoons citric acid
to make bombs you will need

1 teaspoon of oil (sunflower or olive),
water in the spray gun.
You can add a dry or liquid dye.

Mix the soda and citric acid well, add the oil and mix again. Flakes will appear. Try to make bombs, if they are not molded well — lightly spray the mixture with water from a spray gun. There will be a reaction, but it’s not a big deal. The main thing — do not overdo it with the amount of water, otherwise there will be an active reaction and the bombs will turn out to be self-exploding.

We make bombs with our hands. If you want to make big bombs, snowcaps or transparent blanks for creating Christmas toys are perfect for this purpose.

Explode bombs out of baking soda and citric acid in ordinary water.

Volcano bombs

By the way, these bombs can be used for games in the bathroom. And if you add sea salt and a drop of your favorite essential oil to the ingredients, you can arrange a bath with bombs not only for the baby, but also for yourself.

You can make bombs simply from soda with the addition of oil or ordinary water. As you can imagine, these bombs will only explode in water that has citric acid or vinegar added to it.

What to think about. Make soda bombs with the baby with the addition of oil or ordinary water. Put two containers of water in front of the baby, add vinegar or citric acid to one of them in advance (for the Cup that we have, I added 2 tablespoons of vinegar or 2 tablespoons of citric acid).

Drop the bombs into two containers at once. The bag will only explode in one of them. Ask your child why? You can ask the question in another way. For example, this is how: “Although the liquid in both cups looks the same, in fact, the cups are filled with different liquids: in one of them water, in the other — a solution of citric acid. Can you tell what’s in each Cup without trying the water? The bombs will help you.»

Volcano – bombs out of soda h

By the way, do not rush to pour water into which you were afraid of a soda bomb. Soda solution will be useful for you when washing dishes!

Ice volcanoes
Did you know that ice volcanoes were found on one of the moons of Saturn, one of the moons of Pluto and other objects in the Solar system? (If you want to learn about ice volcanoes and many other things-go with us on a “Big space trip” in the”igrotek”.) To see ice volcanoes it is not necessary to fly on a spaceship so far. Everything can be done at home.

Prepare the soda solution in advance and freeze it in small cubes. You can add dye. Before starting the game, prepare a lemon solution and a syringe. Put some soda cubes on a flat plate and pour lemon water over them from a syringe. The ice will melt and sizzle and bubbles. You can do the opposite: freeze lemon water, and pour water from a syringe.

What to think about. Do not disclose to the baby the two main secrets about what water the ice cubes were made from, and what water the syringe is filled with. If you’ve played with volcanoes before, your 5-year-old will probably figure it out for himself.

Something to think about. Before you freeze soda or lemon water, add the dye to it. It is very good if you get cubes of red, yellow, blue, and white colors. When placing ice cubes on plates for the baby, put yellow and red, yellow and blue, red and blue next to each other. When the volcanoes melt, pay attention to the baby, what color puddles are left from them.


As you can see from the photos, we had cubes of clear, blue and red soda water. Watching the eruption of the volcano, we saw pink, yellow and a lot of green. Such are the miracles! Space and only!

An ice volcano can be arranged in a glass: pour water into the glass (not up to the top, otherwise the volcano will immediately burst its banks), add citric acid or vinegar, and throw a cube of frozen soda water into the glass. (You can freeze lemon water and make soda in a glass.) The eruption will start immediately and continue for a long time — until the entire cube of soda water melts. If you make the ice cubes of soda color, the eruption of an ice volcano will become visible. Don’t forget to pay your child’s attention to how the intensity of the color of the liquid in the glass changes as the ice volcano erupts.

Ice volcano in a glass

The duration of the eruption and visibility are the main advantages of an ice volcano compared to the method when we simply add soda to a solution of citric acid, or Vice versa.

You will find more experiments with ice in the article “Experiments for children with ice”.

Rainbow volcanoes
Volcanoes look very impressive when there are several of them, and they are colored. Such volcanoes are convenient to make in containers of the same size. Fill them with a solution of vinegar or citric acid, add a dry or liquid dye, a drop of liquid detergent for a thicker and more stable foam, pour in soda and observe.


In what order to revive the volcanoes — you decide. You can use the colors of the rainbow, or you can use pairs to get a new color. And you can prepare blanks for volcanoes of only three colors:

red — 3 pieces,
yellow -1 piece,
light blue — 1 piece (we will consider it blue),
blue — 2 pieces.
and by animating them singly or in pairs in the right order, get all the colors of the rainbow:

red + yellow = orange,
yellow + blue = green,
blue + red = purple.
Kids will probably enjoy playing with the foam that came out of the volcano: it can be turned into ice cream or cake cream, into a snowdrift or avalanche, etc.

You can read about how to use the experience with rainbow volcanoes in the rainbow quest in Marina Suzdaleva’s article “rainbow quest”. Experience with rainbow volcanoes is perfect for the theme week ” Colors “from the project”Entertainers — entertaining theme weeks”. You can get access to this and other projects of the cube of Passionate moms in our “game Library”.

Volcanoes draw
Well, since volcanoes can be rainbow-colored, why not teach them to draw? First, prepare the tablet. On a small baking sheet, spread the baking soda evenly. In a glass, make a solution of citric acid and add the dye. Let’s fill a syringe with a colored solution of citric acid and try to draw, for example, how a flower blooms.

Volcanoes draw-Flowers

Or how the sun rises / sets. Or you can draw the Northern lights. The main thing — do not overdo it with water!

Volcanoes draw-Northern lights

After a while, the colored areas will harden and become relief. The drawing will not last long, of course, and you can’t hang it on the wall, but the process of creating such a drawing is worth a try!

This drawing can be drawn by visiting your grandmother right in front of her eyes. The kid can act as a wizard: from the simplest ingredients (soda, citric acid, paint and water), it will create a real picture!

If you have dry food dyes, you can draw another volcanic picture. On a small baking sheet, spread the baking soda evenly, sprinkle the dry dyes on top of the hearths and paths, and gently buoy to enliven our picture with a transparent lemon solution from a syringe. All beauty is in process. What color will the result be?

Something to think about. Think with your child about what your picture can depict. Give your child the idea that the volcanic picture is not a state, but a process: for example, this is how the oceans on distant planets may be churning, or how our universe may have been born.

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