Exposing 5 famous tricks in history
Everyone wants to unravel the secrets of magic tricks. And the greatest of them are beyond the comprehension of even the most attentive observers. But we have managed to lift…

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Cool tricks for 11 years and their secrets. The simplest and most effective card trick.
For sure, many of you often search the Internet for cool tricks for 11 years and their secrets. That's why I've prepared a great trick for you. This trick is…

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TOP 4 incredible tricks that children can show!
In today's article, you will learn what are the tricks that children can show. Despite the simplicity, these tricks are very amazing! Do not pay attention to the fact that…

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The best tricks of the world of video and learning them!

Today’s article will be called “the Best tricks of the world of video and learning”. It will be dedicated to the most powerful card tricks. Therefore, I highly recommend reading it!

In this article, I will tell you about the most famous and proven card tricks that were invented by real masters of their craft!

First trick!
And it’s called Triufm! To be precise, this is not so much a trick as a whole concept! It was invented by the greatest card manipulator — Dai Vernon. The version that I will show in the video, I think, is the most popular and quite simple. Continue reading

How to do magic tricks training for beginners!

Hello again!

We are in touch with you again Sergey Kulikov, he is a Sailor!

Today’s article I would like to call “how to do magic tricks training and demonstration”. In it, we will analyze with you five simple, but really effective tricks that will shock any viewer!

Trick number one!
This trick is quite confusing, but, nevertheless, it is very amazing and spectacular. Continue reading

Home tricks for children 6. 7. 8 years old. Simple tricks

A rare child does not get excited at the sight of a funny clown. Children just love to go to various events related to” miracles ” and magic tricks. Few people know that such fun can be organized at home.

However, this requires a little preparation and training. Tricks are best suited for children 8 years old, since it is at this age that the child is able to evaluate them. Most likely, they will be interested in how you do it and want to know the secret of the trick. Continue reading

Simple, but impressive magic tricks for beginners
6 interesting tricks for children that are easy to perform on their own Any child at least once in their life dreamed of becoming a real magician. And even more,…


How do I learn to do tricks with cards?
Card tricks – the most popular section close up magic. It is very simple to explain: there are hundreds of tricks with this props (playing cards), and you can buy…


What are magic tricks? A little from the history of magic tricks
history focusovillusionary art (tricks) have attracted the attention of mankind for more than four and a half thousand years. What is the reason for such a steady popularity of magic…


The art of card manipulation – cardistri
If you have repeatedly admired the virtuoso performance of the cardist, then you probably want to learn how to reproduce something like this yourself. Decided to learn the art of…