Exposing 5 famous tricks in history
Everyone wants to unravel the secrets of magic tricks. And the greatest of them are beyond the comprehension of even the most attentive observers. But we have managed to lift…

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How to easily teach a child tricks! An incredible automatic trick!
Many parents want to teach their child tricks for General development. Very good goal! Today I will help you implement it! Today's focus is fully automatic and will always work…

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Simple tricks for beginners at home
In order to perform the simplest tricks at home, it usually requires only a sleight of hand and a couple of ordinary household items. In addition, the magician must know…

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Simple tricks for children and their parents

Simple tricks for children at home
Children believe in miracles. And when they learn to create them with their own hands – they turn into wizards for a minute, getting a charge of positive emotions and the first recognition of the audience. Simple tricks for children at home help solve a number of problems:

Easy tricks for preschool children
With the help of tricks, young children get acquainted with the world and learn about the laws of nature, mathematics, chemistry and physics in an exciting way. Continue reading

How to become a magician

If you are attracted to the world of illusion and magic, you have learned to masterfully perform some tricks and want to connect your life with the demonstration of magic, then you probably wonder “how to become a magician?»
On the way to this dream, it is important to understand that a real magician is not just a person who acts as an animator showing the simplest tricks at a social party or children’s holiday.
The task of a professional illusionist is to surprise the audience and cause indescribable delight in the audience. To do this, you need to constantly update your repertoire and hone your skills. Continue reading


Bombs are balls made of soda and citric acid that begin to boil when they get into the water. Except

4 tablespoons of baking soda,
2 tablespoons citric acid
to make bombs you will need

1 teaspoon of oil (sunflower or olive),
water in the spray gun.
You can add a dry or liquid dye.

Mix the soda and citric acid well, add the oil and mix again. Flakes will appear. Try to make bombs, if they are not molded well — lightly spray the mixture with water from a spray gun. Continue reading

What trick should I show my child to surprise them?! Of course the "Master»
Surely, many of you have often thought about what trick to show your child? In this article, you will easily find the answer to this question! The trick I will…


Awesome card tricks for kids. I advise you to learn everything!
Today's article will be most useful to those who are looking for some interesting card tricks for children. The trick that I will tell you about today is just like…


Experiments for children with iodine
experiments for children with iodine we continue to conduct experiments for children. Last time we talked about experiments for children with eggs, and today we present to your attention experiments…


Home tricks for children 6. 7. 8 years old. Simple tricks
A rare child does not get excited at the sight of a funny clown. Children just love to go to various events related to" miracles " and magic tricks. Few…